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Boulder’s Best Trumpet Lessons


Where does your trumpet journey start?

Lessons for Kids

Learning to play trumpet as a kid is a great after school activity that will teach them to speak a new language, develop cognitive skills, build confidence, make new friends, and play some great music. Taking trumpet lessons is not as easy as it looks, but young trumpet players learn more than just scales and music at our studio. We teach them how to practice through time management skills for kids and provide helpful tips to our parents for success during at home trumpet practice.


Lessons for Adults

Our trumpet teachers understand the adult student and how to craft your trumpet lessons to accommodate the way you want to learn to play trumpets. Online trumpet lessons are a great option for those who travel for work. Get started on the trumpet lesson you have been putting off!


We offer Trumpet Lessons in Boulder and Online.

So what are you waiting for?


Trumpet Lessons Built For YOU

  • Learn at your own pace
  • Lessons built on your musical tastes
  • Online trumpet lessons available

Show off your skills


Perform at our end of the semester shows.

Invite your friends and family.

Show off your skills!

We cover all production costs.

Our Teachers


Erick Escobar

My Favorite Quote

"There is a world of difference between a Mahler eighth note and a normal eighth note." - Gustav Mahler

How I Started Playing Music

I started playing trumpet in the third grade. My parents bought my first trumpet from a JCPenney catalog which I still have. In high school I decided that my future needed to contain something involving music. That brought me to this path of teaching privately. Music is a gift that opens many doors. 

My Favorites In These Five Styles:

Rock- AC/DC

60’- The Beatles

Salsa- Hector Lavoe

Jazz- Chet Baker

Classical- Mahler

My Education, Accolades, And Experience

I hold a Masters of Arts in Teaching from George Fox University in Newburg, Oregon as well as a Bachelors in Music for trumpet performance from Colorado State University. I have studied under Steven Marx from Sunderman Conservatory of Music, Dave Bamonte from Portland State University who is also assistant principal trumpet from Oregon Symphony and Dean Oaks from Fayetteville Symphony Orchestra and Flower City Brass. I have performed in various collegiate ensembles, orchestras and drum and bugle corps. I am an Alumni of Impulse Drum and Bugle Corps, 2006 World Champions as well as recipient of the 2006 “Corpsman of the year” award. I am also an Alumni of the Madison Scouts Drum and Bugle Corps, 2007. I have been honored to have performed in the official Rose Parade in Pasadena, California for seven consecutive years from 1999-2006.  My last performing position was 2nd trumpet in Salem Philharmonia Orchestra in Salem, Oregon.

My Approach To Teaching

Not a single individual learns in the same way, each learner is in a different developmental stage in their lives. My curriculum and approach are tailored to the individual ways each student learns best. I am teaching students a foundation for which they can grow from, I am giving each one tools of how to be successful musicians. This looks like techniques in how to practice, organize, develop time management and how to apply these learned skills to the outside world.    

One Of My Practice Techniques

My go to practice technique is “copy cat.” I developed this technique during my own personal lessons with my trumpet professor. As a student I struggled to understand what was being asked of me but when my professor played it how he wanted it, I copied it exactly. I use this approach with all students because it helps develop their aural skill in trumpet. I have found that students are more successful when there is less verbal instruction and playing/copying is the more prominent component. 


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