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William Stull






My Education, Accolades, and Experience

I earned my Bachelor of Music degree in Classical Guitar at the University of California, Santa Cruz. While there, I studied a variety of different musical styles beyond western tonal classical, including classical Hindustani, Central Asian, Cuban Son, and Mariachi. During my college career, I participated in college choir, pop band, and the classical guitar ensemble. I taught private lessons while in college as well as at multiple schools before coming to Colorado.

My Approach to Teaching

My approach to teaching music is to instill confidence in playing and to enjoy the journey that is learning an instrument. Whether someone is just starting out or looking to advance their skills, confidence and joy are key to a speedy progression. Having confidence allows one to play loudly and highlights any mistakes they might be making. This allows me as a teacher to provide quicker fixes to prevent bad habits. It also provides a foundation to perform successfully in front of others. And nothing feels better than nailing what you’re working on when it’s done at a volume someone can hear!

One of My Practice Techniques

A practice technique I live by is “setting” a small section of music, as small as just one beat, and finding the most efficient way to play for both fretting and picking hand. I believe that mastery of the smallest details of the music is often the difference between playing the notes on the page and creating a beautiful experience for the listener.

My Favorites in These Five Styles:

Rock -- Polyphia
Pop -- Earth Wind and Fire
Metal -- Metallica
Jazz -- Ryu Fukui
Classical – Tarrega

My Favorite Quote

How can there be any bad music? All music is from heaven. If there is anything bad in it, I put it there-by my implications and limitations. Nature builds the mountains and meadows and man puts in the fences and labels. - Unknown philosopher (according to Charles Ives)

How I Started Playing Music

I started my music journey at age 4 taking piano lessons. After five years of piano, I began to learn guitar. During community college, I took a semester of jazz guitar and fell in love with playing all over again. It was then that I started studying guitar seriously and began preparing to transfer to the University of California.

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