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Henry Spencer






My Education, Accolades, and Experience

I completed my master’s degree in classical guitar performance at the University of Akron in 2018. Prior to that, I studied Renaissance lute, performed consistently with the Afro-Andean ensemble, and received my bachelor’s degree in in classical guitar performance in 2015. I have a special spot for the classical tradition but also frequent many rock concerts. I’ve had the privilege of studying with David Russell, Sergio Assad, Paul Galbraith, and Jorge Caballero among others. I began sharing my passion for music through teaching in 2014 and have continuously taught ever since.

My Approach to Teaching

My goal as a teacher is to allow students the space to grow artistically and personally. Learning music and an instrument can be a vehicle for transformation, fun, and discovery. My role is to remove obstacles, pique curiosity, and develop students’ awareness for possibility.

One of My Practice Techniques

Practice slowly. Practice thoughtfully. We all want to play fast, and anyone can. Train the fingers to sync with the mind, and the music will follow. As musicians, we’re not only training our hands to function in unusual ways, but also turning our ears on and listening in a much more nuanced way.

My Favorites in these 5 Styles

Rock – Umphrey’s McGee
Pop – Dave Matthews Band
Funk – The Meters
Jazz – Miles Davis
Classical – J.S Bach

My Favorite Quote

“You can’t go fast, and you can’t stand still. If the thunder don’t get you, then the lightning will” - Robert Hunter

How I Started Playing Music

When I was growing up my father and mother both listened to different kinds of music. My soundtracks as a kid were varied, fun, and revolved around rock and the guitar. Naturally, when I entered middle school and began buying my own music, I gravitated towards wanting to play the music I loved. I bugged my Dad until he bought me a cheap acoustic guitar. I enjoyed the act of creating, learning new songs, and connecting with other people over music and that has all led me to where I am today.

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