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Charles White






Guitar Lessons

My Education, Accolades, and Experience

I received a Bachelor of Music from Berklee College of Music in 2016 with my focus on guitar performance. During school I made the dean’s list 4 times and then graduated with honors. I taught guitar lessons, bass lessons, and ukulele for over two years for a local music store in Maryland. Also, I have taught group lessons for k-12 in after school music programs. I have been performing in bands and as a singer/songwriter for over a decade.

My Approach to Teaching Guitar Lessons

I like to teach music that my students can relate to in order to strengthen their musicianship. Students have a particular curriculum that is suited to their needs. The goal of the lessons are to provide them with a greater joy and appreciation for playing music while improving their technique and knowledge of theory. I enjoy introducing music that sparks the interest of my students with hopes it will inspire them to improve.

One of My Practice Techniques

I recommend having 2 things to practice and alternate between them every few minutes. This helps to prevent repeating the same mistakes because it gives you time to reset and re-assess yourself. It is easier to stay engaged in practicing when not working on the same thing over and over. Kids get distracted less easy and adults get bored less often I find when using this method.

My Favorites in These Five Styles

  • Rock – Pink Floyd
  • Jazz – John Coltrane
  • Pop – Adele
  • Classical – Beethoven
  • Hip Hop - Jurrasic 5

My Favorite Quote

“Sometimes You have to play a long time to be able to play like yourself.” -Miles Davis

How I Started Playing Music

I began playing music in the 5th grade with the alto saxophone. Shortly after, I became very interested in rock music and the blues, which inspired me to take up guitar. My first guitar lessons were at Peabody Preparatory in 2007 under the instruction of a very experienced Jazz guitarist. His playing always inspired me and pushed me to become a better guitar player. He exposed me to lots of new Jazz music, which had an impact on my goals as a guitar player and musician. I am very grateful that he stressed good technique on me at an early stage in my musical development through guitar lessons.

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