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Daniel Stewart








My Education, Accolades, and Experience

I began playing cello at age 12, continuing through college where I received a degree in Cello Performance from the University of North Texas. There I studied under Eugene Osadchy and Nikola Ruzevic. While studying at the university, I performed in several quartets, ensembles and symphonies. During my senior year, I sat co-principal in the Concert Orchestra. College is when I began my teaching career, which continues today. I had a successful private lesson studio in El Paso, Texas for 6 years. During this time, I also taught at local high schools, middle schools, and the youth symphony.

My Approach to Teaching

My approach to teaching cello mainly focuses on balance and relaxation. I find that these techniques are the most important for all students. I also focus on practice techniques to ensure that the student is getting the most out of their time practicing. I want the students to have fun and be motivated by music.

One of My Practice Techniques

One of my personal practice techniques is to play in front of a mirror. I do this to focus on my bow stroke, elbow placement, and shifting properly. After playing cello for 20 years, I still use my metronome while practicing. I encourage my students to “live by the metronome”.

My Favorites in These Five Styles:

I listen to all music genres, but the following are some of my favorites.

Classical – Beethoven
Rock – Grateful Dead
Jamband – Sound Tribe Sector 9
Hip Hop – Jurassic 5
Bluegrass – Greensky Bluegrass

My Favorite Quote

“Playing lifts you out of yourself into a delirious place.” - Jacqueline du Pre

How I Started Playing Music

When I was six years old, I began piano lessons in Alpine, TX. I continued piano after moving to El Paso, where I discovered orchestra and started playing the cello. After having an amazing 9th grade orchestra season, I decided I wanted to play the cello forever. I continue to be inspired by past private teachers, orchestra directors, and life-long musical friends.

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