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The Rock and Pop Music Academy of Boulder offers musicians the opportunity to perform in a band. We combine music lessons with a rock group experience – and match you with the right band mates so you thrive. Do you play or want to learn to play guitar, bass guitar, drums, piano, vocals and/or keyboards? As part of The Lesson Studio, you’ll have access to world-class instructors who regularly perform in bands around the Boulder-Denver area, and who will work with you to develop your skills so you can reach for your dreams. Whether you’re a beginner or looking for advanced techniques, we instruct you, support your progress, and get you ready to play in front of audiences. You get to perform live at venues like The Fox Theater, Boulder Creek Festival and other local music locations.

Check out some of our student music performances.

Available Programs


Kidz Rock

Youth Preparatory

Kid rock bands for ages 7 to 12 These sessions are the fundamental building blocks of rock an pop music. Young musicians get to explore (some for the first time) their instrument of choice with other musicians. Simplistic and achievable versions of some of rock's most popular songs will be taught to your young rocker.


Rookie Performance

For Kids, Teens & Adults

Beginner rock bands to learn the basic skills of building a set of music to perform live! Band members will perform popular songs and premiere their first original song.

Intermediate Performance

For Kids, Teens & Adults

Semi-advanced performance, will begin to play more complex material, introduce vocal harmonies, extended performance time and continue to write original music.

Advanced Performance

For Kids, Teens & Adults

Musicians in advanced performance will focus on original music, improvisation, stage presence, vocal harmonies, extended solos, arrangements and recording.

All Star Bands

For Kids, Teens & Adults

This is the cream of the crop! Musicians in the all star bands will audition to be selected to be part of these bands. These Elite musicians will play showcase gigs; learn how to market a band through websites, social media, EPKs, and book gigs.

Private Lessons

For Kids, Teens & Adults

Master your instrument with private lessons from professional instructors who cater their lesson plans to your learning style and skill level.


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Times & RATES


Monday - Thursday: 4pm - 9pm

(Based on enrollment and availability)

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Package 1

Best for the beginner and intermediate student.


30 minute Private Lesson.......$45
1 hour Band Practice..............$30

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Package 2

Best for the intermediate to advanced student.


1 hour Private Lesson.........$85      

1 hour Band Practice...........$30 

*Students will be assigned to available classes based on their ability level, age and experience.
**Private Teachers and/ the Program Director will provide an evaluation after each student's first private lesson.
***Students wishing to be part of Advanced Performance or All Star Bands will be required to provide an audition or need staff
recommendation to be placed in these upper level programs. 


“Our daughter’s singing has improved since she joined a band, and she loves her teacher. We don’t have to ask her to practice, she does it on her own.”

Meg and Steve Wagner

“We’ve been taking our son here for years, great staff, outstanding program and we love the shows.”

Roger Stanton

“I can’t say enough about this incredible staff, we’ve tried other programs in the area, this is by far the best experience we’ve had.”

Ashley McCormick


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