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The Lesson Studio Blog

The Lessons Studio Blog

Welcome to our Music Lessons Blog.

Our music lessons blog will inform aspiring musicians who are looking to improve their music lesson experience. Discover ways to improve your practice time, performances, lessons, instrument maintenance, and variety other music lesson blog topics. Every month two new music lesson blogs are posted for your enjoyment.

You can get to know the authors of these articles by visiting our teachers page, or contact them directly. 

Staying Focused During Home Practice

A lesson for distracted music students

Mastering Technique at the Piano

a Lesson for Piano Students

Make the most of online lessons

A Lesson for Music Students

An Effective Strategy to Learn New Music

A lesson for Piano Students

Audition for Honor Bands and Orchestras

A lesson for brass students

The Most Versatile Guitar Etude

a lesson for guitarists

Make Practicing More Enjoyable

A Lesson for Violin Student

The Best Cello Warm Up Tips

A lesson for cello students

The Best Piano Exercise to Improve Speed

A lesson for Piano Students

Great Songs for Beginners

A lesson for voice students

Taking time to practice

A lesson for guitar students

Preparing for a Concert or Recital

A Lesson for all music students

Get the most out of voice lessons

A Lesson for Voice Students

New Directions in Cello Performance

A lesson for cello students

Recital Preparation

A Lesson for All Music Students

The Best Vocal Warm-up

A Lesson for Voice Students

Practicing Tips and Tricks

A lesson for all music students

Great Warmup Tips for Drummers

A lesson for drum students

Preparing for your Piano Recital

Piano Lessons by Bryan Chuan, The Lesson Studio, Boulder In Today's lesson you will learn [...]

How to Improve Your Drumming with Grids

A Lesson for Drum Students

Practice Session Mantras

A Lesson for All Music Students