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Clarinet Lessons


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Clarinet Lessons

The Lesson Studio has been providing Clarinet Lessons in Boulder since 2004. Our commitment over the years has been to provide a positive atmosphere for saxophone students of all ages and abilities to be successful. Finding the right clarinet rentals, teacher, studio, lesson plan, and most importantly guiding you on "how to practice" is paramount to us.

Our Teachers

Our clarinet teachers are highly qualified and diverse in their approaches to creating clarinet lessons for all ages, levels and abilities. Please check out the personal bios of our instructors and contact them to get started.

Clarinet Lesson Plans

They are designed specifically to each clarinet students needs. Your assigned materials, lesson plan, music selections and practice outline will reflect your goals.

The Studio

We provide quality practice rooms and our parents can relax in our reception room and enjoy the use of our free WiFi during their child's clarinet lessons. Our teaching staff, administration and ownership are always available. We are committed to all our clarinet students needs.

Our Main Teachers

Clarinet, Flute, Saxophone

Price : Free

Difficulty : Beginner Expert Intermediate


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