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Where does your bass journey start?

Lessons for Kids

Learning to play bass as a kid is a great after school activity that will teach them to speak a new language, develop cognitive skills, build confidence, make new friends, and play some great music. Taking bass lessons is not as easy as it looks, but young bassists learn more than just scales and music at our studio. We teach them how to practice through time management skills for kids and provide helpful tips to our parents for success during at home bass practice.


Lessons for Adults

Our bass teachers understand the adult student and how to craft your bass lessons to accommodate the way you want to learn to play bass. Online bass lessons are a great option for those who travel for work. Get started on the bass lessons you have been putting off!


We offer Bass Lessons in Boulder and Online.

So what are you waiting for?


Bass Lessons Built For YOU

  • Learn at your own pace
  • Lessons built on your musical tastes
  • Online Bass lessons available

Show off your skills


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Perform at our end of the semester shows.

Invite your friends and family.

Blow their Minds!

We cover all production costs.
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Become a Rockstar

Want even more spotlight?

Become a rock bassist in your own band!

Add weekly band practice to your bass lessons and perform live at our seasonal rock concerts. Start with a free trial session.

Our Teachers


Walt Palmer

My Favorite Quote

“You’re always a half step away from the right note.” -Charlie Parker

How I Started Playing Music

My first experiences with music lessons were piano and drums when I was around 8-10. I enjoyed those lessons, but wouldn’t say that I was passionate about music or those particular instruments at the time. My parents were pretty much forcing me to take lessons. I remember wanting to stop because of the anxiety I felt before lessons, especially if I hadn’t practiced that week.

I never lost my curiosity for music, however. A few years later, I started really getting into listening to music and discovering how much there was and how amazing it could be. I took it upon myself to seek out guitar lessons and started a band with my brother and my closest friends. It was with them that I came to the realization that music, specifically guitar, was my life’s calling in one way or another. Once I started teaching, I really felt like I could make a difference in people’s lives. Not to mention being able to play music all day ha-ha. That’s not so bad.

My Favorites In These Five Styles:

  • Rock - The Beatles
  • Pop - Justin Timberlake
  • Jazz - Wes Montgomery
  • Classical - Claude DeBussy
  • Hip Hop - Beastie Boys

My Education, Accolades, And Experience

I received my Associates Degree in Jazz Guitar from Bucks County Community College and my Bachelors in Music Education from Chestnut Hill College in Philadelphia, PA. During my education, I worked teaching guitar lessons and as a band instructor for a number of studios in the Philadelphia area.  I consider myself very fortunate to have been able to hone my skills as a teacher and a musician during that time. I have pretty much consistently been in one band or another since I was 14 and have been lucky enough to play with a number of extremely accomplished musicians.

My Approach To Teaching

The first thing I’ve noticed is that everyone has their own way of learning and getting motivated. Some students are coming to lessons as accomplished musicians already, and are looking for very rigidly structured curriculum to take them to the next level of musicianship. On the other hand, some students come to guitar lessons to casually acquire a new skill in a relaxed and fun setting. One thing I’ve found to be universal is everyone’s personal connection to music. I have found no better way to get a student to excel then by learning the music that they love, especially if they are new to their instrument. It’s easy to gain at least some of the fundamental ideas from any song.

One Of My Practice Techniques

One of my favorite practice techniques to teach is to overshoot the Beats Per Minute on a piece of music or a line that a student is struggling with the speed of. The basic idea is to practice (and most likely fail at) the piece at a tempo higher than the actual tempo of the song for enough time for your brain to at least get used to trying it at that speed. Then, when you go back to actual tempo, it should feel much more manageable.

Colin DiCarlo

My Favorite Quote

“Any fool can make something complicated. It takes a genius to make it simple”“Any fool can make something complicated. It takes a genius to make it simple” - Woody Guthrie

How I Started Playing Music

Music has always been around my family and I. I grew up with a father who played in experimental rock and punk bands, a grandfather who was a virtuosic jazz trumpet player, and a sister who has found an artistic voice on the piano. So it only ever felt natural for me to learn music. I started with the trumpet when I was in the 6th grade, moved to the drums taught by my dad in middle school, and finally found my own musical calling when I picked up the guitar early in high school. I began learning from a family connection and loved it, only a few months after that I bought a bass and quickly found an affinity for collecting string instruments. But the guitar and the bass will always be my first choice for my expression.

My Favorites In These Five Styles:

Rock - Jux County

Pop - Kaitlyn Williams 

Funk - The Motet

Jazz - Marc Ribot

Rap - Aesop Rock

My Education, Accolades, And Experience

In college I studied jazz and improvised music on the Guitar, Bass, and Double-Bass. I graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Jazz Performance from Metropolitan State University of Denver, where I was honored to learn from the late-great jazz cornetist Ron Miles, the bass virtuosos Gonzolo Teppa, Patrick McDevitt, and Denver's own guitar gurus, Dave Devine and Matt Fuller.

Over the past ten years I have been regularly gigging and recording with bands and artists from a variety of different styles, such as neo-soul, folk, rock, jazz and big band music. I currently play Guitar and am the back-up bassist for the Mile-High Big Band out of Denver Colorado and have released three solo albums.

My Approach To Teaching

As a music teacher, I honor the individuality of my students and their goals above all else. I believe in pairing fundamental knowledge and technique with fun and interesting music relevant to each student’s interests and skill level. I recognize that all of my students are coming to me with their own varying set of aspirations and talents and I intend to aim in the direction that best suits each person. I come to each lesson with patience, love, and the want for us to learn and grow as musicians and people.

One Of My Practice Techniques

The brain can only dedicate it’s concentration to a task for about 90 minutes before becoming fatigued or distracted. A practice technique I use to confront this (especially for longer practice sessions), is called the Pomodoro Technique. It involves breaking my practice into shorter 25 minute periods of deliberate, concentrated learning, punctuated by 5 minutes of rest in between. I like to look at it like taking a bite of food, then swallowing it, rather than continuing to stuff my mouth.The brain can only dedicate it’s concentration to a task for about 90 minutes before becoming fatigued or distracted. A practice technique I use to confront this (especially for longer practice sessions), is called the Pomodoro Technique. It involves breaking my practice into shorter 25 minute periods of deliberate, concentrated learning, punctuated by 5 minutes of rest in between. I like to look at it like taking a bite of food, then swallowing it, rather than continuing to stuff my mouth.

JJ Murphy

My Favorite Quote

"Music, for me, has always been a place where anything is possible--a refuge, a magical world where anyone can go, where all kinds of people can come together, and anything can happen. We are limited only by our imaginations.”

-Bill Frisell



How I Started Playing Music

I first started playing music in 5th grade in the school band program as trumpet player. My music teacher challenged me to learn other instruments like the baritone and trombone. By the end of 6th grade I discovered Pink Floyd and I became totally obsessed with the guitar! Shortly after that I bought a CD called “Martin Scorsese Presents the Blues.” It was a 20 song album that had everyone from Robert Johnson and Son House to B.B. King and Stevie Ray Vaughan. That record sealed the deal and I have been playing guitar ever since! 



My Favorites In These Five Styles:

Blues- Mississippi Fred MacDowell, Derek Trucks, B.B. King, Stevie Ray Vaughan 

Jazz- John Coltrane, Bill Frisell, John Scofield, Sonny Rollins

Rock- Pink Floyd, Eric Clapton, Animals as Leaders

Folk/Country- The Carter Family, The Louvin Brothers, Norman Blake, Tony Rice

R&B/Soul- Marvin Gaye, Aretha Franklin, James Cleveland



My Education, Accolades, And Experience

I graduated from Belmont University in Nashville, TN with a Master’s in Commercial Guitar in 2014. In Nashville I worked as a session musician at many  of the city’s best recording studios including Ocean Way, Sound Emporium, RCA, Sony and Southern Ground among others. I’ve played in 37 states across the U.S. with various projects including some of my own. I am fortunate to be an endorsee for several products including PickBoy Picks, Rocco Guitars and The Rock Slide guitar slides. Some of my original music has been on network stations such as ESPN, Vh1 and The History Channel. Since 2017, I have been sought after by students all over the world for my expertise in slide guitar and open tunings. I would frequently play in Colorado in bands and it quickly became one of my favorite places to visit! I loved the creative environment of the musicians and artists here and decided to make the move to Colorado Springs in August of 2019!



My Approach To Teaching

I believe in a goal oriented approach to teaching that is based on my students’ unique aspirations with the instrument. I have worked with students at every age level from Pre-K to Graduate School as well as teaching other fellow professional musicians. One of the best aspects of being involved with music is that there is never an end to the progress one can make; there is always something left to explore! A challenging aspect of learning an instrument can be knowing WHAT to practice. As a teacher I help my students put together a practice plan that will not only ensure progress towards their goals but also be fun! 



One Of My Practice Techniques

It is rewarding to work at something every day and to see progress! I encourage my students to record themselves playing and to listen back as objectively as possible. This is a great way to measure progress! Lately I have been focusing on learning all the parts of a song, not just the guitar parts but EVERY instrument. This helps me understand all the moving pieces in music and what specifically the guitar’s role is in making the song work. Theory and ear training are a major aspect of my lessons!



Josy Rosales

My Favorite Quote

“You need music, I don’t know why. It’s probably one of those Joe Campbell questions, why we need ritual. We need magic, and bliss, and power, myth, and celebration and religion in our lives, and music is a good way to encapsulate a lot of it.”
-Jerry Garcia

How I Started Playing Music

I grew up in Venezuela and started my musical journey when I was 8 years old. My older brother turned me on to Iron Maiden and I felt an instant connection to the sound of the guitar. I started taking guitar lessons with a local musician called Leopoldo Borrego, he was my teacher for 10 years and made a huge impact on me as a kid. I played in a rock band growing up with two of my brothers. Playing in a band was very rewarding and made me grow a lot as a musician.

My Favorites In These Five Styles:

Rock - Grateful Dead, The Allman Brothers, Pearl Jam
Reggae - Bob Marley, Peter Tosh, Sublime, Soja
Folk, Country, Bluegrass - Townes Van Zandt, John Hartford, JD Crowe
Metal - Megadeth, Alter Bridge, Iron Maiden
Funk - The Meters, Bee Gees

My Education, Accolades, And Experience

I graduated from Berklee College of Music in Boston MA with a degree in songwriting. I moved to the midwest, where I performed with groups across a variety of styles, including rock, country, bluegrass and reggae. For years I recorded and toured with Earthmother, a jamband that enjoyed success in the midwest area. Through the years, I’ve learned a variety of stringed instruments including banjo, mandolin and ukulele. I’ve been teaching private lessons since 2018, helping people grow and accomplish their musical goals has become a big passion of mine.

My Approach To Teaching

Music is a journey of self-discovery, so I always guide my students in a way that makes their creativity shine. I also believe that the journey should be fun and exciting, although not without a fair amount of challenge. I’ve taught students of all ages and levels, and one thing I’ve learned is that anyone can play music, all it takes is the desire to do so and to get a little bit better every day. My lessons are always tailored to the needs of the student, and everybody learns in a different way. I always find the approach that works best for my students and then we can have a clear path to follow to accomplish their musical goals.

One Of My Practice Techniques

My favorite thing to do in music is experimenting. Improvising is very rewarding but you have to be willing to take risks and fail once in a while. I love choosing a few chords or a song and playing leads over it, and seeing how far I can take it and how many ideas I can develop that work well in that context. It forces me to learn whatever instrument I’m playing better and it helps me see what the musical possibilities are on certain pieces.

Colin Hotz

My Favorite Quote

“Maybe the Milky Way is a giant record, and your life is the needle.”

  • From the movie Blaze

How I Started Playing Music

There was a piano in my parents home when I was very young, and I do remember sitting at it and making noise. I was required to do band in grade school and had an unsuccessful attempt at learning the clarinet. Around 10 years old I started to develop an interest in rock and roll, and grunge. By 12 years old, I had my first guitar and started taking lessons. 

My Favorites In These Five Styles:

Rock - Morphine

Americana/Folk - Sarah Jarosz 

Jazz - Medeski Martin & Wood

Bluegrass - The Punch Brothers

Rap/Hip-Hop - A Tribe Called Quest

My Education, Accolades, And Experience

I received my Bachelors Degree in Music from the University of Nebraska Omaha, and my Masters Degree in Music from the Manhattan School of Music. I began teaching while pursuing my undergraduate degree, and have continued to teach throughout my life. In addition, I have extensive experience performing and recording several styles of music. I performed as a solo and ensemble Classical Guitarist, a Rock Guitarist, a Rock Bassist, a Solo Singer/Songwriter, and a Bluegrass Guitarist and Singer. I have also participated in music competitions including The National Flatpicking Championships, the Koblenz Guitar Festival Competition, UNO Concerto Competition, and the Rockygrass Band Competition.

My Approach To Teaching

My goal as a teacher is to help students explore their interest in music and create a lesson plan that will keep them engaged and excited about learning songs. I also want students to develop the tools and techniques needed to become a great player. I believe a strong understanding of music theory is essential, which can apply to any style of music. I also believe that building technique through scales, arpeggios, and chord progressions is the key to breaking through the beginning phase of learning an instrument. 

One Of My Practice Techniques

I do not have just one technique that I prefer, but rather I have a warm-up routine that is a combination of the most effective exercises I have learned throughout my life, a set of major and minor scales that covers the entire fretboard, and a set of arpeggios. I set the metronome to different speeds and accents which forces me to play the passages in a variety of ways.


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