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Vocal Health Tips for Fall and Winter

Vocal Health Tips for Fall and Winter

I am incredibly passionate about vocal health and understanding the physical changes that occur when the temperature begins to drop in fall and winter. I spent most of my life in Wisconsin where the cold season can last for 6-7 months. After 40 years, I made the decision to move to Florida for a new job opportunity. It was an incredible experience for me, that first year, not having to deal with a dry throat, sinus issues, and the yearly cold or flu. So, how do we as a singer take care of our voice during the cold dry weather, and how can we continue those habits throughout the whole year of voice lessons? I have some helpful resources for you below that will answer all those questions and give you insight into how important general health is to all vocalists. 

The following is an amazing two-part blog on Vocal Health Tips for Fall and Winter by Nicole G, a voice teacher in Seattle, Washington. Part One discusses the importance of hydration, sleep, posture, and cell phone usePart Two of the blog discusses the importance of using a humidifier, vocal overuse, late night eating, sore throats, and overall stress. All these things can be a factor in our vocal health and overall performance throughout the year. However, we need to take special precautions in the colder dry months to make sure that we are hydrating, getting enough moisture in our systems, and de-stressing during the busy holiday season. 

Overall good health directly translates to good vocal health. We always need to take care of ourselves so that we can have an instrument in good working order for voice lessons. When we are mentally and physically prepared, the voice and breath naturally follow. The positive outcomes can be twofold when we take a little extra time to create new routines, change bad habits, and listen to our bodies when we feel something is not right. During these next few months be sure to take care of yourself, de-stress from the things taking up your time, hydrate that body, and most importantly… STAY WARM!


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