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String Instrument Care for Winter/Dry Climates

String Instrument Care for Winter/Dry Climates

Post by: Summer Lusk

Students taking music lessons on a string instrument are usually introduced to the in-and-outs of basic instrument care routines pretty early on — loosening the bow after playing, wiping off excess rosin, using a protective covering when the instrument is in the case. These are all small actions that can help keep your violin, viola, or cello sounding and looking great. However, weather and climate can affect string instruments very acutely, so it is always a good idea to be prepared for the unfavorable conditions here in Colorado (and other regions with similar climates), where the ever-fluctuating temperatures and consistent dry air can wreak havoc on instruments made of wood.

Take a look at this blog post written by violin player Val Jaskiewicz, content manager and product specialist at SHAR Music. In this post, she discusses some of the ways in which you can protect your violin or viola in cold, dry weather. Ms. Jaskievicz highlights the importance of maintaining proper humidity levels and investing in a quality case/instrument covering. She recommends looking into additional accessories to combat some of the issues that arise during the winter and particularly dry months. She also has some useful suggestions for cello players as well!

For other needs relating to music lessons and instrument care, take a look at what the rest of the SHAR Music website has to offer. On this site, you can purchase new strings, sheet music, cases/bags, and music accessories; browse instruments and bows for sell/rental; and explore various educational resources.  As far as local options go, definitely check in with your string instructor during music lessons; they will be able to make many helpful suggestions and even fix most minor issues. I also recommend checking out HB Woodsongs in Boulder, Colorado for instrument rentals, accessories, strings/rosin, and method books/sheet music. For string instrument repairs/restoration and standard bow maintenance, I suggest visiting James, the owner at Sol Vista Violins in Lafayette, Colorado. With the holiday season quickly approaching, these lovely protective violin, viola, and cello coverings might be a welcome addition to your wish list!

I hope that these different resources related to string instrument care will come in handy for you, as these have all helped me make informed decisions regarding maintenance during dry seasons and the winter months! Happy practicing! :-)

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