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My Favorite Tasty Blues Piano Records

My Favorite Tasty Blues Piano Records

Post by: Ryan Benthall

Blues is a style that runs deep in the roots of American music, not to mention a very fun style to play in piano lessons. In this blog, I will share some classic recordings of a few influential blues piano players who were such an immense contribution to the blues art form.

The first album is “Born to Be Blue” by Wynton Kelly recorded in 1951. Although this is a more modern style of piano trio jazz in the context of traditional blues, it is still a phenomenal album that blends the sentiment of jazz harmony & form with the blues.

My second recommendation is Earl Hines' recording of “Am I Blue?” recorded in 1968. This album is a collection of gems that span the scope of Hines' genius, incorporating blends of soulful blues with swing & jazz.

The third album is the iconic jazz pianist Red Garland’s “Red in Bluesville” released in 1959. This smokey after hours blues record is the epitome of what blues & jazz piano trio playing is all about.

The fourth recommendation I have is Oscar Peterson’s album “Oscar Peterson Trio Plus One” from 1964, featuring the legendary Clark Terry on trumpet. This record is feel good swinging blues piano all the way through and really dives into that hard swinging feel, the trademark of Oscar’s playing.

Listening deeply to recordings such as these is the key to developing a keen ear for approaching the blues in your playing. These recommendations are just the tip of an iceberg that goes very deep indeed! You won't regret listening, and you can learn more about blues piano & improvisation in your piano lessons with me at The Lesson Studio!


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