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The Joy of Playing Mozart

The Joy of Playing Mozart

Post by: Ryan Benthall

Few composers have truly stood the test of time & captivated such a wide universal audience as well as Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart has. His music has inspired generations of performers and composers for centuries, seemingly without ever losing its spark. The genius of this music is that it teaches not only superb technique of the piano, but also a profound sense of musicality & touch. 

Mozart has written a vast array of pieces for the piano, most notably his 18 piano sonatas & 25 piano concertos. Some of his most inspirational work also lies in his theme and variations for piano, one of the most popular being the 12 variations on “Ah, vous dirai-je, Maman” (better known in today’s culture as "Twinkle Twinkle, Little Star"). Piano teachers use Mozart's music so often in lessons for good reason. Pieces such as these teach piano students creative patterns & uses of scales & arpeggios that take their playing to the next level. 

A great place to find original scores and good sheet music is at the International Music Score Library Project. You can learn more about performing Mozart’s music & playing piano by signing up for piano lessons with me at The Lesson Studio!


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