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Healthy Lesson Habits

Healthy Lesson Habits

As a student, have you ever wondered how you can be more effective in your music lesson? This blog will showcase three in-lesson habits that will help YOU get the most out of your drum lessons or any private music lessons.

Ask Questions
In music lessons, there is never a wrong question! One of my jobs as a drum teacher - and for all music teachers - is to help clarify any confusion you may have. Whether it's about rhythm, a musical concept, what to practice, et cetera, ask away! Do not worry about feeling embarrassed if your question does not seem smart. All questions are accepted and will be answered! 

Bring a Journal
While your teachers' notes on MyMusicStaff are great for what to practice, it may not always be the best way to retain detailed information week to week. Bringing a personal journal to your in-person or online lessons can help you jot down a quick note that might not be on MyMusicStaff. For example, if your teacher gives you a tip that will develop your technique, you are more likely to remember that small tip since you wrote it down! It also works as a document you can look back on to see how far you have grown as a musician. 

Always be honest with your music teacher! By doing so, it shows that you have integrity, and it allows music teachers to guide the lesson appropriately according to how your practice went that week. Regardless of whether you had a great or not so great week of practicing, there are always new concepts, techniques, and skills that we can teach you! 

I am not the only teacher at The Lesson Studio that has talked about this topic! Check out the blog links below for more tips on how to be the best student YOU can be inside and outside your private lesson. 

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