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Great Songs for Beginners

Great Songs for Beginners

Post by: Abigail Heimann

In today’s voice lesson, we look at some great songs for beginners to sing in different genres. These picks will help you improve your singing in no time at all!

Classical - "Caro mio ben"
This Italian aria is a great choice for beginning sopranos.  Even if you aren’t great with foreign languages, the Italian text is not complicated to learn and is repetitive.  The melody moves from head voice range down, instead of chest voice range up, which is usually more difficult for the novice vocalist.  Though the song is simple to learn, it still gives the singer a chance to show off their beautiful voice. 

Jazz - "Dream a Little Dream of Me"
This jazz standard is not only fairly simple to get the hang of, but also really fun to perform!  The phrases are short, which helps if you are not quite a master of breathing yet. While there are a few tricky notes and intervals, they add fun color to the song. I recommend performing this tune in C major or D major, making the range just above an octave G3-A4 or A3-B4 (F major for males – range of C3-D4). Once you’ve mastered this song, you can make it more challenging and interesting by adding flourishes to the melody or singing it as a duet, like in this classic recording of Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong. ​​​​​

Musical Theatre - "Beauty and the Beast"
This classic Disney tune sung by the lovely Mrs. Potts has a manageable range of G3-C5 and doesn’t require belting. Side tip: you shouldn’t attempt belting without proper instruction from a professional because you risk injuring your voice. The phrases in this song are relatively short and are easy to memorize. There aren’t any complicated rhythms and limited large leaps in the melody. Plus, you probably already know the tune from the beloved Disney film!

Pop - "Imagine"
This timeless song by John Lennon is great a rock/pop pick for beginning male or female singers.  The simple chord progression makes it easy to change keys and therefore accessible for all voice types. I recommend F major (range of A3-C5) for female singers and A major (range of C#3-E4) for male singers. Again, the short phrases and narrow range within the phrases makes the song very manageable for a new voice student. However, there are definitely spots in the song to show off a bit, not to mention the song has a great message!

Now you can feel confident going into your first voice lesson that you’ve picked one of these great songs that you can easily learn, and your voice teacher will be impressed with your choice!


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