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The Importance of Rebound

The Importance of Rebound

Whether you are just beginning drum lessons, or are already considered an advanced drummer, the importance of rebound in your technique cannot be overlooked. Instead of “hitting” the drums, we as drummers should always remember that we are “playing” the drums. The way that we approach the instrument should not be in a way where we are forcing the sound out, but instead allowing the sound to happen. Allowing as much rebound as possible in our technique is the best way to do this.

When holding the sticks, the most important part of our grip is between the thumb and pointer finger, called the fulcrum. While this connection must remain constant throughout your playing, the engagement of the back fingers can vary. The back fingers must remain curled around the stick to help guide it, but not squeezed to avoid constricting the rebound. While you play, concentrate on applying the minimal amount of control from your back fingers to execute the stroke. Try to make the stick feel as bouncy as possible and play “off” of the drum head instead of “through” it. Be sure to have your drum teacher check your hand grip when things don't feel right.

To fully experience this feeling of complete rebound, you can practice striking the drum using only your fulcrum. Let the back fingers completely relax, the stick should feel wild and almost out of control. This feeling of complete rebound is one that we as drummers should constantly try to find while we play. It provides us with the fullest sound, while exerting minimal effort. For more information on this, check out or find Drumeo on Youtube!

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