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Awesome Bow Grip Aids for Cello

Awesome Bow Grip Aids for Cello

When I ask students why they chose to learn the cello, the answer I get most often is that they enjoy the quality of the cello sound. In other words, the timbre and unique character of the instrument is what makes the cello so inviting. A cello teacher can help students set concrete goals for crafting their own distinctive and personal cello sound. After learning some practical techniques and creative practice methods, students will see their musical ideas come to life. 

In cello lessons, students can develop their style and approach to sound production with a good bow-hold. The first thing that students must learn is how to hold the bow comfortably without tension. A desirable bow-hold is flexible with some firmness (so that the bow doesn’t fall to the ground) and no soreness or pain in the right hand. Soreness is a sign of tension and gripping the bow too hard. 

Learning to hold the cello bow is a delicate process. Bow accessories can help beginner cello students develop a comfortable bow-hold. The Cellophant is a fun bow accessory that can help shape the hand naturally and make the bow easier to hold. For help with placement of the thumb, the Wada Bow Grip is a cello bow grip aid that is easily applied to the bow. The Stringvision Bowgrip can be used for violin, viola, and cello bows.

With some creativity and practical techniques, all cello students can achieve a good sound!


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