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Answering FAQs on Singing

Answering FAQs on Singing

Lots of singers ask me about the “myths” of singing and singing healthily. The main two questions I receive are:
Do I sing from my diaphragm?
Is coffee bad for my voice? 

I’m here to answer these FAQs about voice health with a few quick tips!

The Diaphragm: No one can actually control the movement of one's diaphragm! The diaphragm muscle moves constantly throughout the day; it moves down to make room for air coming into the lungs and moves up to aid in exhaling the air. To sing healthily, it is good to use a powerful inhalation to keep the diaphragm in its downward position for longer moments, especially when singing high notes. A great voice teacher will watch for healthy movement in your torso during your voice lessons

Coffee/Tea/Caffeine: It is best to avoid caffeinated beverages and foods prior to doing a lot of singing. The vocal folds in your larynx are very small, and caffeine can dehydrate them quickly. Plus, caffeine can stimulate nerves, which nobody generally wants when they have to perform or learn. Water is your friend. 

Your voice will function best on lots of sleep, regular exercise, abundant healthy meals, and lots of water. Your entire body is your instrument, not just your voice, so it’s a fun idea to treat yourself as a “vocal athlete.” When you’re healthiest, your voice lessons will go the best. 

This short video features professional opera singer Wallis Giunta; she speaks on her vocal health regimen for successful singing. To learn more, I encourage you all to look at other voice videos from Classic FM. You can compare and contrast vocal health suggestions from different singers and voice teachers.


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