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The 21st Century Cello

The 21st Century Cello

For a long time, classically trained cellists assumed that there was a correct way and a wrong way to play the cello. However, in the 21st century, there are so many styles of holding the cello. It takes an open mind and a bit of experimentation for student cellists to find their favorite way of sitting with the cello that still allows the student to accomplish their goals. The cello teacher can help students by working with them on good sitting practices.

In the 21st century, many cellists are altering their instruments to find the most comfortable solution for sitting and even standing with the instrument. Many cellists have replaced their G and C tuning pegs with the Posture Peg, completely eliminating the flat piece of peg. However, the Posture Peg will need to be installed by an experienced luthier, but many have found it is well worth it.

Many cellists have turned to specialty chairs that aid in sitting upright comfortably. A popular chair among professionals is the Adjustrite Musician's Chair, but many cellists find that a piano bench or stool is more ideal and practical. For younger cellists, it is important to have a chair that fits so that the feet can remain flat on the ground. The Adjustrite Junior Stool can aid young cellists who are still growing and need to have a fitted stool.

As a 21st century musician, I like to keep an open mind for new ways of playing the cello. I’ve found that standing while playing the cello is fun and creative. The Cello Strap was invented by contemporary cellist Mike Block. It allows the cellist to sling the cello securely to their body without using the endpin. The Cello Strap makes it fun for the cellist to freely walk around and even dance with their cello as they perform.

I think that learning traditional classical styles of holding the cello is still important in order to grasp basic cello techniques. After the fundamentals are mastered with a cello teacher, students can explore all that the 21st century has to offer the cello. 


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