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Toddler Lessons

Toddler Lessons


Winter Session #1- January 10th-February 14th, 2018 at 10:30 am 

Winter Session #2– February 21st-March 21st, 2018 at 10:30 am

First Class Free for New Families, please email bethmusic1@comcast for your Free Music Class Coupon

Kaleidoscope Kids Music Class!

Ages 0-5

SING, SHAKE and SHIMMY with your wee ones while we introduce them to a wide variety of REAL instruments including violin, mandolin, ukulele, banjo, guitar, piano, and keyboard. We SING: favorites, world, bluegrass, folk & more. We SHAKE: percussion drum circles, strings, recorders, kazoos, tambourines, cymbals and triangles. We SHIMMY: moving, grooving & dancing to different rhythms, fiddle tunes and more! This small group setting will provide fun games, hands on experience and exposure to different musical styles.

Kaleidoscope Kids! Music Class is different because of the variety of REAL instruments, music education, small class sizes, and the attention to detail in creating each class & session.  Kaleidoscope Kids Music is a grassroots organization that was created in the summer of 2011 in Beth’s living room.  She wanted to provide a fun musical environment where kids could truly be free to dance, play instruments, sing and be exposed to different musical styles (classical, folk, bluegrass, celtic, americana, jazz, swing, world). 


Beth Wilberger is a gifted musician with Irish roots from Boulder, CO. Beth has performed across the U.S and in Europe. She started playing violin and piano at the age of 4, the beginning of a lifelong love of music. Her dedication to studying music, expanding her range of instruments and types of music, as well as performing with many different individual musicians and groups, make possible her rich tapestry of performance venues. Beth is also a teacher, coach, wife, and mother of two boys, sharing her gift with everyone around her.




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