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Tom Hovorka

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Tom Hovorka

My Education Accolades and Experience

I obtained my Bachelor's degree from Kutztown University in Music, and I have continued to study under Andrea Cannon of the Suzuki Method School, Scott Cmeil of the San Francisco Conservatory of Music, and under Alex Komodore at MSU Denver. I am currently working towards my teaching certification with Royal Conservatory of Music.

I have played in several original rock bands in my career such as Batman's Brother Ed(punk/metal) Klink(alternative) and Trees and Trash Cans(Bass guitar-alternative/folk)  and have played hundreds of shows in the US and abroad. My music has been, and continues to be, played on numerous radio stations and websites, and in bars, restaurants and businesses. I have always found it very satisfying to see people enjoy the music that we created, and have always enjoyed meeting the most interesting people along my way in the music world.

My Approach to Teaching

I believe that a tailored approach to each of the students' strengths and weaknesses can yield excellent results. Sometimes a little adjustment of the hand or elbow can make a world of difference when a student faces a challenge in their chord or scale playing.

One of My Practice Techniques

I like to use songs the students are interested in learning, to teach about the theory and technique behind it. I break apart the verses and chorus to delve into the various skills and nuances involved in the music, to demonstrate the styles and techniques used to create it. This gives the student the ability to understand how the song is created, master the song as well as and use it to improvise or write their own songs.

My Favorites in These 5 Styles

  • Classical – David Russel
  • Flamenco – Paco DeLucia
  • Metal – Metallica
  • Alternative – Radiohead
  • Jazz – Miles Davis

Favorite Quote

“I often think in music. I live my daydreams in music.” -Albert Einstein

How I Started Playing Music

I started playing piano at age 6. Then when I was 12, there was an acoustic guitar under the Christmas tree that was intended for my sister. However, I saw and it and said to myself, 'that guitar is for me' and slowly, much to my sister's dismay, I began borrowing it so much and basically made it mine. I bought an electric guitar at 13. At age 18 I wanted to expand my horizons, so I started playing jazz and classical guitar. Later I learned the bass guitar and ukulele.

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