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Katie Wise

My education, accolades and experience   

My degree is in Theatre performance from Scripps College/the Claremont colleges, where i received the Virginia Princehouse Allen Acting award from Pomona College, and spent a year at the Holborn Center for the Performing Arts  in London, and continued my work at the John Ruskin School of Acting in Los Angeles.  My experience ranges from Repertory Theatre, to Improv Comedy to voiceover, where I was the Voice of Jenny Craig commercials for over four years.  

Now, as a touring musician,  my band Katie Wise & Bhakti Explosion, brings rock and rootsy world soul influences to our live events. Our debut album, Lovolution, was created with grammy nominated producer Ben Leinbach.  We’ve been featured at yogic music festivals across the US, and internationally, and we tour twice a year.

My approach to teaching

I see my role as a teacher to help the student find their own best voice.  I want to not only train the voice, but train the ear of my student, so they begin to explore their voice on their own- and hear what they can do to open their range.  I see the voice as a link between the head and the heart- and when we open that link, all sorts of good stuff happens, not just in our singing, but in life.  I think it is our birthright to sing, and that anyone can sing, given the right space and technique.  I like my studio to be one dedicated to fun, and transformation.

One of my practice techniques

I love to use swoops through the three voices (head, chest, and mid-voice) rather than always using scales.  The swoops build strength and smooth out the breaks between the voices.  For myself, I like to make music at least an hour a day, usually a combination of singing, guitar, and songwriting.

My Favorites in these 5 styles –

Rock – Van Morrison

Pop – Lady Gaga

Soul – Ray LaMontagne

Classical – Brahms

Kirtan- Jai Uttal

My Favorite Quote

“A bird doesn’t sing because it has an answer.  It sings because it has a song”

~ Maya Angelou

How I started playing music

My childhood was spent surrounded by music, and singing.  From singing in the children’s chorus for Operas at CU, to the Fairview choir program, to three part harmonies on road trips with my mom and sister.  I also studied competitive classical piano (from the age of 7). I had begged for three years for lessons, but we didn’t have a piano.  Finally we got a piano, and I began studying with a teacher who would become like a second mother to me.  I also studied with Doris Lenheart and Larry Graham.  

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