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Christopher Eagles

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Christopher Eagles

My Education, Accolades, and Experience

In 2011 I was appointed to the Band of the Ceremonial Guard, one of Canada’s premier military bands. In 2013 I graduated with my Bachelor’s in Music Performance from Acadia University, that same year I was offered a full assistantship to do my Master’s at the University of Alaska Fairbanks. Just this year, I was appointed to the faculty of Colorado Christian University.

My Approach to Teaching

As a private instructor, my intention is to define the student’s needs and desires. I don’t have a set curriculum for students, as I enjoy watching the student discover their own musical interests, and it’s my goal to foster them.

One of My Practice Techniques

I try and practice my instrument for at least 3 hours a day, as a percussionist I often practice 3 or more instruments in a day. If I cannot get to an instrument I try and use my downtime to improve as a musician away from the instrument; this could be reading, score study, attentively listening to music etc. I also encourage all of my private students to listen to as much music as possible, other than practicing it is the easiest way to grow as a musician.

My Favorites in These Five Styles

  • Rock - Kiss
  • Pop - TV on the Radio
  • Jazz - Keith Jarrett
  • Classical - Igor Stravinsky
  • Musical Theatre - Godspell

My Favorite Quote

“You should never be bored, because when you’re bored you should practice.” -Mike Eagles

How I Started Playing Music

I started playing drumset when I was 11. My dad had bought me a drumset from one of his teammates (he was a professional hockey player), and I immediately fell in love with the instrument. After listening to my first Kiss album, I know playing drums is what I wanted to do with my life.

My first Drum teacher was a radio host named Richard Crosbsy, he was unschooled, and not all that knowledgeable about playing. He was however, one of the most passionate teachers I’ve ever seen, and I try and bring that same level of enthusiasm to my playing and my lessons.

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