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Alex Bovien

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Alex Bovien

My Education Accolades and Experience

I studied guitar under Midwest renowned jazz guitarist Jack Grassel from 2005-2008.  I also studied Music with an emphasis on composition and music theory at MATC in Milwaukee, WI.  During that time, I started my teaching career at Annette Meyers Studio providing guitar & bass lessons to over 40 students weekly for 7 years.

I started a professional touring band, Funky Session at the age of 15 with over 200 live performances.  I moved to Colorado in 2012 and started teaching at BethStudio in Windsor, CO.  At BethStudio, I continued my teaching career with an emphasis on guitar lessons and music performance.

In 2012, I founded the band “Punch Drunk Munky Funk”.  This band played well over 300 live performances in Colorado and including tours in other states.  One of those performances was opening for one of my favorite musicians, the bass guitar great, Victor Wooten.

I’ve had the privilege to do studio guitar work with Brian Lapin and the “transcenders”, who collaborated as the founding members of the music group “The Black-Eyed Peas” at their studio in Los Angeles, CA.

My Approach to Teaching

My teaching style depends on the student, but I always provide a solid foundation of knowledge for my students through music theory and composition.  This foundation allows my students to understand chords, melodies and harmonies so they can become successful musicians.  I create a custom lesson plan with my students so they are involved in their musical direction.  This allows the students to grow creatively and most important, they have fun doing it.

One of My Practice Techniques

I encourage students to reach a daily musical goal based on what we accomplished during the lesson.  Practicing focused intervals from 10 to 30 minutes two times each day.  Over the past twelve years of teaching I found focusing on the following core ideas to be the best for the student.

  1. Site reading standard notation out of chosen method book
  2. Learning and writing songs to build repertoire
  3. Use of scales, chords

My Favorites in These 5 Styles

  • Rock – Phish
  • Blues – Jimi Hendrix
  • Pop – Prince
  • Jazz – Pat Martino
  • R & B – Erykah Badu

Favorite Quote

We are all capable of infinitely more than we believe” ~David Blaine

How I Started Playing Music

I picked up a guitar when I was twelve and started to take lessons right away.  My first guitar teacher taught me scales, chords and techniques of playing the guitar.  We quickly started with classic rock songs.

After watching Led Zepplin’s the song remains the same I was truly inspired to be a professional musician. Then my middle school friends and I formed a band in my parent’s basement and started to jam.

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